vTuner alternative, YCast

After Denon, Marantz and Yamaha have given up on vTuner, Micha LaQua have made YCast, a program that emulates vTuner for your receiver. This makes your reciever have a working webradio again, because of the added radio-browser project. It all works with no login required.

As it is not for everybody to host their own webserver, with a Python backend - I have installed a public webserver with a YCast backend for anybody to use.
The trick is to have a dns resolver that points *.vtuner.com to vtuner.b0.dk. This makes the Denon app and reciever access this server, instead of the vTuner server. So just make a local NS entry on your router/local DNS cache - Point as an example, "denon.vtuner.com" to "vtuner.b0.dk", either by CNAME or A record, and you shoud be able to stream radio again.

Happy streaming!

If you haven't got a local DNS resolver you can change, I have written a small program that returns the IP of this server, when asking for vtuner. Run this program on a PC or server on your LAN, and use this program as your first of two DNS resolvers on your LAN.

Domains that will be pointing to this server:
- radioyamaha.vtuner.com
- radioyamaha2.vtuner.com
- onkyo.vtuner.com
- onkyo2.vtuner.com
- denon.vtuner.com
- denon2.vtuner.com
- grundig.vtuner.com
- grundig.radiosetup.com
- grundig2.vtuner.com
- grundig2.radiosetup.com

Download Fake vTuner NS:

Run the program as root/Admin, as it needs the priviliged port 53/UDP to act as a DNS server. Don't forget to open your firewall on your LAN PC running this program.